The Prisoner

If this is the last sky I see

tell the clouds to taunt me not

and bring you here to me
If only as an apparition rare

cascading locks, sweet fragrant hair

our fingertips shall meet mid air

a final twirl

some whispered prayer

a serenade of stale despair
I’m roused from this tragic play

a key fumbles in the lock

you fade away
These prison bars will only hold

my remnant dreams or memory bold

for when the noose is snapping


my soul shall soar

with ne’er a thought

30 thoughts on “The Prisoner”

      1. And you are special too my Friend. You know I never thought of making such wonderful friends. An amazing person you are. And an awesome writer. I get so inspired reading your work. And these conversations with you are love. World needs pure souls like you Diana. And thank you for being the sweetest. Hugs. Love. ❤️

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      2. If you can imagine the size of my smile right now … 😁 Our admiration is mutual; you write from the heart and it will make such strong and dear connections that will last a lifetime. I’m very happy to know you Priya! x

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  1. I think k summed it up perfectly. This is really tragically beautiful! I loved all the imagery it painted the stories (past, present and future) it told in just a few lines. I think ive said it before but youre very talented! ❤

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    1. Arbie K, I really appreciate you taking the time to read and comment! Kindness always infuses your words and speaks volumes about who you are; so pleased to know you 😊


  2. Brutal beauty, enigmatic and very deep I love it. A crime of passion ?, is the apparition rare more than a love, perhaps a victim too. Reminds me of the tragic story of Ruth Ellis, the last woman to be hung in Britain. This is poetry, this is art !

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  3. Woah… I love this. I absolutely love this.. HOW DID I MISS THIS? Best poem ever… Omg Diana.. So different than your usual style. ❤😍 Made my morning… Breathtaking!
    Did you sense the coincidence when I wrote the prisoner poem, far less masterful though!

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    1. I was waiting for you to see it! I hoped someday … and here you are 😊 … 🙏🏻
      Your prisoner poem I enjoyed entirely independently of course: the wonderful doodle and telling absolutely engrossed me!

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