29 thoughts on “Surrender”

      1. Oh never mind!? We allow some pain into our thoughts and lots of bliss as this is a life well lived. To appreciate all the colours of the rainbow, even when it’s overlapping a stormy sky. Have a great day sweet❤️!

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  1. Ah there be all manner of dark ones, waiting for nightfall hence the path the poet treads is often perilous and yet our pen is indeed mightier than a sword and so through perfected heartfelt prose do we banish them with light.


  2. The denizens of my deep

    feast heartily as I sleep

    consuming fragments of dreams

    tugging urgently at the seams

    of my unstitched self

    These are very powerful and thought provoking words, Diana. I am drawn to them like a moth to a candle flame, for I feel I have known of them most of my life. Powerful work indeed! 🙂

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