Farewell Summer

My soul has reaped the late summer harvest
of corn

no longer plump

withered to a deep golden
of cherries

flesh contracted to the pit

rich purple bruised

rot concealed
of love

a dehydrated straw flower

of short lived perennial state

made more beautiful by intoxicating influences

and heady, hazy skies
Image of the delightful double straw flower “Helichrysum Bracteatum” as captured at Van Dusen Gardens, Vancouver, BC.Β 

41 thoughts on “Farewell Summer”

      1. Well how are you supposed to get your passport stamped lady? πŸ˜‰ I hope your renewed vigour is sparked imminently. I know that vertigo must be really horrid πŸ˜”

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  1. The inherent sadness that accompanies the demise of Sol Invictus captured in words, a sadness not eased by knowing he will return. Mind you the sulky lil’ sh*t could visit this damp Island once in a while !
    This has a beautiful, haunting poignancy to it, I like very much !!

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      1. So sweet you are! πŸ’•
        You are still lost, but I think a map may be near when the time comes for you to find it! You will find support and care in surprising places – but it’s a journey as you move away from deep hurt.

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