Flesh Wound

After the storm

we find us

once again strewn on a distant shore


tending bruises


Yet this time

I lost a leg

my left

Luckily my least favourite

because of the toe deformity
You know I would have yelled

to high heaven if my right was gone

I would have blamed you for everything

The inclement weather

The rocks that smashed the bow

The words that deflated the life boat
But I stay quiet

I barely have a leg to stand on

After the storm

32 thoughts on “Flesh Wound”

      1. Oh thanks! I appreciate you coming back to say that – thought I may have lost you to the ether of elsewhere writings. In this piece there is a silver lining and optimism – I got to keep my good leg! What are you up to tonight? Burning the midnight oil?

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      2. It is Vampire Diaries. Not something I would usually go for but it is pretty well put together and has had some cool plot twists so far, mixed with the cliches. It is all good in my book.

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  1. Very nice! πŸ™‚
    I like the metaphors and the power of your words in describing relationship fallout, but especially how you counterpointed the gravity with levity. ‘Barely a leg to stand on,’ awesome πŸ™‚
    Unless you’re dating Jerry Seinfeld a deformed toe just gives character. πŸ™‚

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  2. Such scars we carry, traded for sweet moments of adventure into unknown waters. Yet I think, perhaps naively, that it is better to arrive at the end without even the favourite limb when losing it would allow one to bring such a body of stories to tell.

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    1. So well said; I am entirely of the same opinion. Sometimes battle weary but the sweet moments are always worth every moment. And yes the experience let’s the words just spill.


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