59 thoughts on “Bending”

      1. I want to salt brine soon… the weather is cooling some… is ur kraut salt brined?… and how do you handle those little floating bits of cabbage … they distress me…


  1. This is the work of a true Alchemist for only such a person can ‘see’ what is really there, then lift the veil with a few short lines permitting lesser mortals to briefly ‘see’ also. Any more words would be pointless in such a piece, or ‘too short my arse ! try a few Haiku !
    Brilliant Diana !

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    1. Oh you have me laughing out loud kind Sir! I left the “too short” comment in this thread because I was amused by it. It’s the first time I’ve Haiku’d and it’s a decent mental workout. Thank you for your enduring support and mirth x

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      1. You know we Brits, we’re always itching to mount our white chargers and enter the fray for a noble cause ! I had one who complained the font was too big ! I explained it was written specifically with the visually impaired in mind ! x

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