To catch a Star

This night I near captured a star

nestling her reflection

her still water perfection

with calm hands

cupping her brilliance

her light years’ resilience


but with mortal impatience

my fingers start to tremble

with ripples of longitudinal shear

betraying intentions assembled

and her lustrous nocturnal glow

fuses as molten silver

slipping into the cool depths below

49 thoughts on “To catch a Star”

  1. Another beautiful piece ! I love the scene setting first verse, enhanced by the two rhyming couplets which marry the whole together, then a complete mood change in the second which sets my mind racing as opposed to my heart in the first. My mantra is art needs to stimulate both imagination + intellect . Not only does this achieve that but it does so in two separate verses ! A perfect example to explain the concept.

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    1. Why thanks Nigel! You know I shall always wax lyrical about your comments – I do enjoy them. They make me stop, reflect and smile. This was written in half sleep well after midnight, when I started thinking about life, the universe and profound friendship.

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  2. Wow D! I am at a loss for words. My head is spinning with the essence of the stars you captured perfectly. I could see you barefoot, entering water slowly, nearing the reflection of the star on the surface and closing in hands ready to receive the gift of stellar light, and seeing it dissolve through the ripples of your touch. Gorgeous write ❀

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    1. Prolonged smile as I read you B! You know you are Sirius right, the brightest star in the heavens? Your reflection will never be disturbed so easily. This poem is for profound new friends, the ones that glow bright and magical and will be in my sky forever. Welcome ❀️

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    1. I have no idea how I conjured this one Pete! It was almost as if someone other than me was writing it. But I must take credit because you are bestowing such kindness in your comments. Grateful to know you my friend! 😊

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      1. Hey, you surely deserve all the credit indeed, my friend! πŸ™‚ Sometimes these creative moments are just there, appearing as if by magic, yet conjured from the depths of one’s imagination, such is the creative soul. But I know what you mean, Diana. I have written stories in the past, and I think, no, that wasn’t me, surely? It is a very odd feeling, but great at the same time πŸ™‚

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      2. I’m continually fascinated by the depths of the human mind; there is so much we don’t understand. Hmm, did you say you have written stories? Is there perhaps a hidden Pete Hillman blog that you are keeping from us, your faithful followers?

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  3. Well since your earlier posts are filled with too many 18 year old love makers and hearts galore. And so are these. Well, I won’t comment on the poem. Let’s just say I see it in terms of contrast. And contrast just might be a *cough* , smoking don’t mind *cough* euphemism. Okay I think I have one more poem left. I’ll take my old friend/foes advice and schedule it in advance. Sometimes I wonder how he’d interpret your stuff! My next poem requires a little gasoline and thought, and since I’m no longer a power blogger, it doesn’t matter at all! I might write a flash fiction piece too. Shall I dedicate it to a thirty year old Diana caught in Fascist India finally meeting the anomaly?


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