The Deaf Heart

Because my heart would not listen

i chained her to the railway track

strode away with nearing train whistle

deliberate footfall

i did not look back


Because my heart could not listen

i bound her tight with coarsened twine

blindfolded her gaze so long pleading

disowned her as no longer mine


Because my heart does not listen

on a field I leave her for vulture prey

but instead of carrion so tempting

a bird Β lifts her cloudward



27 thoughts on “The Deaf Heart”

  1. Intriguing, to me it reads as an externalisation, defence mechanism where the perceived faults within us are attributed to external forces or personified. The denouement is heart warming and positive in the sense that the emotional issues were resolved by being taken ‘upward’ rather than destroyed. Complex piece that’s a pleasure to read.
    I’ve just re-read the ‘psycho-babble’ I’ve just written and agree with Ben it’s a wonderful poem


  2. Diana it’s such a Fascinating Piece. You write so beautifully. And it’s Perfect. ‘ “blindfolded her gaze so long pleading
    disowned her as no longer mine” these lines just took my heart away☺️


    1. And thank you Pete for your ever present kindness and support. This is like a two way street with a couple of fine Aston Martins slowly passing; drivers waving in mutual admiration 😊

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  3. Yes Rosaliene, this is the tragic truth of humanity. In our small ways and actions we might be able to sway the pendulum from heartless to heartful …. a warm hug to you on this day for your comments. 😌

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