The Bleeding Sunset

This exquisite pain

cannot be tamed within

it seeps through my pores

pools like acid on skin


it’s stencils are fingerprints

etched indelibly on glass

brought up to dry lips

soured wine now will pass


it sullies my vision

all sunsets bleed red

dawns dim, not brighten

to your darkness








34 thoughts on “The Bleeding Sunset”

  1. Exquisitely and softly laid! Became a fan! The most stunning part is that I too like to pick a particular aspect of nature and let myself drown into its beauty, each poem becoming a tribute to that little aspect. Even when words fail to capture the glorious splendor, we surely do our best as humans when we compose such tender pieces.

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    1. Your comment surprised and enchanted me with it’s kind praises Subhobrata! I feel like I can never bypass the breathtaking inspiration of nature.
      So pleased to make your acquaintance. 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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