Moon Song

Wake up…

I’m the light at your window ledge

the translucent dimmed rays

by yonder garden hedge


I’ll soothe you in delicate lunar shine

as tendrils a twinkle over eyelash meet

cajoled in dreams to be ever mine

then drip heavy with nectar, my sweet


Before dawn I’ll fade into the infant blue

slipping gently from the ebony cloak of night

toiling with tides as I bid you adieu

a love weary, cratered satellite



Image courtesy of NASA, December 1972.Β The large crater near the center of the image is the 20 km diameter Pytheas,

19 thoughts on “Moon Song”

    1. Oh you have me laughing kind sir! Maybe she just needs more mood lighting, and to offer admirers a few glasses of wine.
      As for the “flick of a fawn’s eyelash”, that is undoubtedly the most beautiful phrase I have come across in many a forest glade πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well you know me and trees ! To me a glade is just a waste of tree space. Mood lighting & wine ha ha ! We have saying, rather cruel, which is ‘double bagger’ as in one’s partner is so unattractive that for intimacy to occur it is necessary to not only put a bag over their head but also yours in case theirs comes off.


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