Will You?

Have you lost me to the evening air?

a balloon floating free at the country fair

a child dismayed

eyes flooded by glare

from the sun so bright
Did you lose me to the forest green?

a barefoot nymph, dancing unseen

dashing through thicket



dried moss to misted dust
Will you find me now the song has played?

the concert over

a sparse crowd dismayed

violin bow lowered

had but we stayed…

haunted yet by the music

49 thoughts on “Will You?”

  1. It intrigues me, but doesn’t everything. The person speaking is challenging, have you lost me, did you lose me, will you find me and then finally if only, I read it as somebody trying to make sense of a failed relationship, all the time still looking for ‘a tiny something’ that may still save it.
    Devine, sublime and evocative prose Diana, like a beautiful mosaic of images, deftly placed to reveal a picture.

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    1. It will be a very sad day when I no longer elicit such a wonderful analysis/generous comments from you Nigel 😌 That day I just might dry and hide my quills in a forgotten drawer…

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  2. How evocative! You make the images you showcase in your poetry appear so vividly. I could see the photographs of each scene, captured and displayed on the wall of an exhibition on a pure clear wall. There is only room for the work, no varnish, just glass sheltering the shots, building a shrine around the scene. That is how vividly your words portray. Images dancing before my eyes as I read. The balloon, the child, the sun, the dancer, the music – violin ❀ – and the dust. Sensorial, musical, moving piece. ❀ Lovely read!


    1. Oh my god! This is seriously such a beautiful reply, I’m flabbergasted! I’ve a mind to frame it. 😊
      You see my writing for what it is, unvarnished, non embellished. It’s pure feeling and I’m thrilled you allow yourself to become immersed. Two peas in a cosy pod are we, sweet soul writer ❀️

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  3. I feel like as if I am not sure where it is all over. But I tend to believe it is not… I am lost with a wish not to be found yet need to be found..

    Fragments of doubt, uncertainty, hope radiate right back at me through this beautiful design of words…

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    1. Thank you so much!
      I treasure your poetry … but now I find myself enamoured with your comments as well. Such a pleasure to read.

      We all need to be found, so why does our artichoke heart lay protected under coarse layer upon layer. The leaves just need to be pulled away gently.

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