The Oyster’s Lament

What shall I do with you sweet pearl?

you were the sand grit that slipped unsuspected

between my brittle, rippled


as I brine bathed baring

my virgin mantle


I promptly coated you with layers of nacre

to match my own luminescence

and we moved together

with midnight tides

our affair of nautical jostling

exposed under neon glow

waking starfish

One NIGHT only, Bivalve Show

31 thoughts on “The Oyster’s Lament”

  1. Brilliant ! So clever, oysters ‘the’ aphrodisiac of folk law . To make shell fish erotic takes some doing but you managed to do just that dear lady in a sophisticated, eloquent way. Love the comedy twist at the end, that’s something I have to fight the ‘clown’ for at the end of every sonnet. You should send this to Marine Biologist monthly ! It’s quirky mollusc erotica of the highest order .
    Love the way you’re exploring and stretching your talent Diana.

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      1. Thank You da-AL. Diana, thank you for the peerage though I’ll only use my title on Sundays so as to preserve my working class credentials, oh how we Brits adore our class system. You sweet lady are as mad as a box of frogs ! And I should know as I’ve been diagnosed ‘ Mad as cheese’ !

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    1. Ray, I believe you are entirely correct. I’ve been so surprised by the connections and positivity I have already experienced through writing here – I carry them into my daily life now 😊

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  2. This is so sweet and funny ❀ Yet so beautiful as well. What a beautiful metaphor to stage a love story. It is so joyous though! How can it be a lament? It is a song to new found passion. "Oyster Light Show, with a Unique Pearl Display opening act"

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    1. I love your reaction! The new sign you created has me smiling from ear to ear.
      But now, to the “lament” … well it was for “one night” only and the lonesome oyster now must bid farewell to the pearl, who is a real attention getter. Or she may just fall out of the shell and be caught up in a whisped current.

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      1. I see…. Metaphors… They miss me sometimes… Advice for the lamentable oyster then. Smile until your lips can’t move. It took months for your pearl to grow right beside you. The last show may have lasted a night, but you had beautiful moments growing together before then.

        Oyster’s lives can be tragic though. When captured and cultivated by humans, the pearl will be collected and the oyster will die.

        Again though the period of growth is what the oyster should focus on… Those are the intimate memories to be cherished.

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      2. Your insight is to be cherished B! The oyster may keep this pearl after all, because they have hidden away….an unexpected sea current has moved them under a coral reef, away from prying eyes 😌

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