The Breath

as I sit in yonder peaceful place

i struggle well to recall your face

for it was your soul that invited me to play

then body cloaked

swiftly turned away

a dance for one…


i stand along a foreign shore

as winter approaches I reflect ever more

of hope laced dreams

as numbered as the sands

now only fine grit grains

sift inert through my hands

as you swim for mermaids…


i lay beneath a tumbled cloud

my body constricted in lavender shroud

with fate’s call yet taunting my mind

her spoken whispers are to be left behind

with a final breath…

14 thoughts on “The Breath”

  1. Now this is an intriguing piece, in the first verse I can’t decide if the writer was teased/led on, expecting the deep feelings to be reciprocated but were not. Then my fave line ‘swim for mermaids’, in my mind I see someone searching for idealistic perfected and therefore unobtainable love. The whole piece reads like this… ‘Oh ! maybe ?, I wonder if ? Ahh this is great !’ The magic of a piece like this is the old imagination/intellect thing of mine. The beauty of the words and the possibility of personal interpretation draw me back for more reads.

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    1. It’s always a pleasure to read your contemplations Sir Nigel! It even makes me reconsider aspects of my writing. Thank you, ’twas a little “tumbler” this one πŸ™‚

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      1. I like to listen to the sound of rain falling, also, especially at night when in bed, it is so relaxing. But I hope it remains dry this weekend though πŸ™‚ Thank you, and a wonderful weekend to you too, Diana! πŸ™‚

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  2. A tale of paths crossing and diverting. The excitement, the discovery, the expectations – not met… the loneliness taking over again. The memories fading and the final parting. It feels like it is more than just an earthly good bye though. I may be interpreting through the lines, but the “lavender shroud” and the “final breath” read stronger than just a metaphor for the loss of a bond. It is a very strong piece you wrote here. Your words are flowing as beautifully as ever, with a tragic thread woven in the fabric of your lines.

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    1. To write, and to receive a reply rich with such thought means everything. I’m so grateful to be read by you ❀️
      Of course you are right, this is a very tragic piece. I can only re-read it when in a good mood 😌

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