Hollow Tree

with creaking branch

against gentle breeze

I stifle wayward memory

with sullen, wooden ease


for I am but a hollowed trunk

core charred from flame on high

I sought the thrill of lightning strike

stiff branched, I’d taunt the sky


my splintered bark now falls to ground

though painful peel, I’ll make no sound

and gnarled roots under ashen soil

tremble deep from termite toil

29 thoughts on “Hollow Tree”

  1. Oooh, change of style, to soar higher we must spread our wings, yet still a ‘Diana’ piece. I love the personification/possible analogy, it is very similar to my ‘Church Tree’ yet so different, this happens a lot when two Alchemists of Word connect. I really do love this my friend, the way you’ve effortlessly switched to a more traditional form and used rhyme to accent your beautiful prose, well you are ‘Poet’, true Alchemist.

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  2. A human, a tree, raw emotions weaved, and words that flow and ring so true and deep with your poetic chords, an enchanting ballad at the heart of your vision. Your world and words mirror my sight when it behold one of those millennial wonders of nature. You gave that one wonder a voice.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Speaking of voice, how I cherish yours, and your thoughtful commentary. Who needs a thousand followers, when one such as you fills my writer’s heart with immeasurable satisfaction. So grateful, always. ❀️

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