when my world

spins against your clouds

birds will fall, breathless from the sky

and magnetic poles derange

with n’er a reason why


no longer shall the moon

coax the tide with cyclic draw

no spring, nor seasons come

all lost to time before


the stagnant sun shall blush

and melt the amber sky

as the desert winds’ soft hush,

shall fall still,

then oasis dry


25 thoughts on “Dust”

  1. Stunning ! ‘That’ my sciency friend is Art of the highest order. There are many treasures to be found behind many doors in a poets mind, this is one of them. I’m going to sleep now cos’ for some reason I’m thinking in a pirate voice ?

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  2. Hope all is well with you. I had no idea you lived in Vancouver. I have been keeping track of the fires in BC…far too many. We have finally had a couple of days with no smokey haze so breathing is better. You are a very gifted writer, I want you to know.

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    1. Hi Renee! So grateful for your words, and humbled to. I entered the online world of verse with hesitation, so your positive reinforcement is precious. Waving from somewhat clearer BC skies 👋🏼

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  3. I am speechless. The poem is flowing impeccably, yet its narrative is surprising at every turn of line. You take us through an unexpected journey. A new event, two souls meeting turning their world / the world upside down, as a supernatural storm changing everything in its wake. Post apocalyptic romantic verse at its highest. Nothing can ever be the same.

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    1. Having you comment in such an effusive manner reinforces my desire to write in the first place! You are an effervescent ray of goodness and I’m thrilled by your attention. ❤️

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    1. I remember feeling so strongly when I wrote this; it seemed to seep out of my pores. They are the best creative pieces eh?
      I’m really honoured you are taking a look back Daffni and appreciate every thought from you.

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