don’ t read between my lines


walk them like a tightrope


core tight, against soul

with suede slipper slide

and toe beyond heel before toe

inching toward my true


you are not dizzy

though the air thins

and a spotlight weaves to disorient

causing precarious sway


now look up

my eyes shall meet yours in silent trust

and come here

without hesitation

you must

34 thoughts on “Funambulist”

      1. We all have some recurring themes, most common are love, death and nature, poets are naturally drawn to the emotive and beautiful and tend to ‘see, feel and express ‘ more intensely than non poets. Whole forms are traditionally associated with specific themes such as love & sonnets, love, nature & haiku.

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      2. This is interesting comment, thanks Nigel. My background is so science based I’m enjoying the word journey.
        I will say I am unlikely to write about death (too terrifying to contemplate) and … I have written an ode to and Egg 😊

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      3. Ha Ha ! I’ve posted one called ‘pegs’ about well 2 pegs on a washing line, I’m constantly
        fighting the inner clown. I would have guessed you had a science background, it’s my firm believe that only when imagination and intellect are stimulated can magic happen, whether in Art or science. I was a Contact Lens Optician for 25 years until diagnosed with early onset Parkinson’s, well who wants someone with a shaky finger putting a piece of plastic in your eye ! HeeHee.

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      4. Oh so this is the man behind the power poetry that I adore! An inner clown is one of my fave personality types!!
        I can appreciate your thoughts on a still hand in your profession – I still wear rigid gas permeable lenses and the prospect of a trembling finger near my eyeball is a cause for terror! I hope your condition is well managed and you are well Sir Nigel!

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      5. Hi Diana, I’m thinking of doing an article on who/what is a poet. If I do I’d illustrate it with my favourite lines from our community, would you have any objection to me using some of yours ?

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      1. Haha send me strength instead as I’ll be doing it alone.
        Will be fun to see how my writing changes with hormones 😜

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      2. My boy best friend is participating with the obvious heehee and some limited support but in terms of life decisions and he main caregiver it’ll just be me and the support around me. I don’t want to wait forever or be an old Mum so now is perfect. A little rainbow family

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      3. Hello πŸ™‚
        I got sidetracked with lust πŸ™„ It is still distracting me but I have done some testing and am awaiting results then I will begin to focus on more of my serious goals and reign in the fun! I needed to get it out of my system!!!!


  1. I love the black and white image, Diana. My eyes are so drawn towards the mountains in the distance, and coupled with your delightful and insightful poem it is pure magic πŸ™‚


  2. How gorgeous! I love the metaphors inherent to your text. The lines of poetry, of time, the course of a life, where steps must be carefully placed not to take too hard a plunge and the invitation to walk along the line, meet in the middle, face each other and not be scared. You are creating so many layers, and all the while keeping the poem running as an invitation to walk your poetry lines and follow your thoughts.

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    1. Have I mentioned how much I enjoy your insight? I write from the heart…so often not certain how this translates. Unless you read with your heart, with a healthy dose of intellect. ❀️ Well this is you in a nutshell 😊

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      1. Aw ❀ I am glad you enjoy it! Indeed you do write from the heart and that is part of what makes you amazing. Thank you πŸ™‚ I am delighted you value my insight, that means I can keep on sharing the emotions I feel when I read you. There is always plenty to say!

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