I spread in the shallow sea

and sink into the cool

eyes unblinking


the edges of the sky shall blur

the clouds lost to me

i no longer hear your voice

muffled against ocean whispers

captured in hollow shell


raindrops scatter as tears

silent promises dilute

I exhale and sink further

my body settling on sand rippled

now to toss gently with sea grasses

until a new tide makes me whole


For Hailie S, fellow soul sentinel and prose connoisseur.Ā 







6 thoughts on “Exhale”

  1. Your words engulfed me in the cool waters of the ocean. As I was sinking, I could see the rain drops blur the surface. The sky disappeared above my head and I could feel the bite of the freezing, silent fluid wrap me up and rob me of my hearing. One of Poseidon’s servant took pity upon my drowning soul, and equipped me with invisible gills. As gravity was pushing my descent, my ears progressively got used to this liquid touch, and started making out eerie sounds. There I touched the ground.

    Your writing is fluid and sensorial. Reading you was the whole experience. There are so many exquisite evocations. My favourite was “ocean whispers / captured in hollow shell” ā¤

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    1. How is it that you read, and fully immerse yourself in the words – then inspire the poet to a whole new level with such an incredible response. I thought my piece simple and succinct, now with your contribution it soars.
      I’m humbled to be read by you, dear heart!

      Liked by 1 person

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