The Sparrow Heart

How shall you know me?


Here with my fledgling heart

a tangle of tufted feathers

cupped in my hands

a sparrow with injured wing

a sparrow stunned, yet able to sing

not yet able to fly


I take her back to me

to nurture with millet and ragweed

and watchful eye

she’ll rest at the barred window

and yearn for the sky

to climb free

when your hour is nigh



16 thoughts on “The Sparrow Heart”

  1. Your poetry of the heart from the heart continues to resonate.

    Along life’s journey, “the sparrow heart” is inevitable for those who “yearn for the sky.” Taking time off to heal is the best medicine to be ready to fly again “when [the] hour is nigh.”

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    1. Oh you! You light me up with your positive words and exuberance. You are not a “follower” – you are a supportive friend ❀️ Hope you are having a nice weekend Ms Bouquets!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. How could you not….you are making me smile here….
      you are a total sweetheart. I so enjoyed reading your responses to the questions – it’s so cool that you board! OMG, you are more awesome than I even thought πŸ™‚

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