come lay by me

withered grass bed at our backs

blue sky under our feet

grab me, when I say I’m falling ….

and we’ll laugh like children

for I meant “for you”

and you thought

“into the blue”


on this late August eve

while the  lazy bumble bees hover nearby

we listen to the frolic of breezes

playing leaf rustle games,

and feast on the plump blackberries

staining lips and fingertips



I am heavy with the season

heat, and longing

31 thoughts on “Summer”

  1. A summer breath stop moment when the very essence of nature seems to be urging you to give in to the undercurrent of desire….. captured and transformed by an Alchemist of word into prose of a beauty rare.
    Thank you Diana.

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  2. “Laugh like children.” What a beautiful post. Not only to remember the wonder of carefree August days but to recapture the childlike spirit and become one with it. Children dream dreams of possibilities and wonder. Thank you for the post. Ray


      1. *smiling* Enduring friendships are the best, fuelled with a collective fire that never consumes nor burns out. They just connect us and power us up reciprocally with the sweetest, kindest, healthiest soulful energy. Welcome into my heart, sweet friend!

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