Two moons of Saturn

We are two moons of Saturn

you and I


Floated on a set trajectory

you my Titan

Bold and cloaked in ammonia veils

I your Hyperion

a porous remnant

susceptible to cosmic influence

bonded in celestial resonance


Sometimes as you pass

I hear your cryovolcanos spew

a humming firmament

beneath murky methane clouds

and you hide hydrocarbon oceans

in frigid darkness


And I am set into a chaotic rotation

a child’s broken spinning top

no magnetic poles mark my iced canyons

pitted and aged by

ancient asteroid assault


Tumbling through the abyss

you and I



For all you moon inspired, night sky gazers.

Titan Image courtesy:Β NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute, June,9 2017 (Cassini Orbiter)

27 thoughts on “Two moons of Saturn”

  1. Try never to equate your wonderful vocabulary for being a ‘nerd’. The more depth to words I believe hold the key to some very masterful command of the English language of which, I believe, you have. A wonderful write!

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    1. I’m humbled by your kind words Renee. I haven’t written since my teen years, so sometimes have a bit of low esteem or even, “am I good enough”. A work in progress then, as perhaps we all are! Have a lovely evening πŸ™‚

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      1. I really do understand. I have written off and on most of my life and am now nearly 65yrs old and still, there are times, when I compare myself to others. But I remind myself that we are all unique and also unique in the way we are gifted. There is nothing to say we are not all ‘good enough’ and in fact will get better with time. I feel myself, that after writing on a more regular basis since I retired two years ago now that my writing has changed and evolved and each day there is a newness to it all. Keep doing what you are doing. I am enjoying the read and am happy to know yet another new person in the writing world. Be well.

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      2. Renee, I so appreciate your insight and encouragement. You are so right when you speak about every person’s individuality and potential to create. I feel very fortunate to have discovered this outlet – sharing and reading other people’s words has been surprisingly enriching so far. I’m thrilled to know you too!

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