Weather Beaten

The window of my heart

opaque panes with paint flaked frame

lead lined, cold vitrified

hanging part unhinged

rust tainted

from the sea air

and  winds of despair



come close and marvel

the crack’d clefts twist light

into rainbow prism trajectory


shards set in shifted sand

nestle my scarred feet



fear not the shattered glass

for you shall wear boots

and everytime you pass

tread pellucid slivers to dust

14 thoughts on “Weather Beaten”

  1. We are who we are, the culmination of all our experiences, pleasant and painful; and, if I love who am at the moment, I made a beautiful tapestry from my life. Thank you for your words and the reflection they brought about within me. Ray

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  2. It has everything I seek in Art. My emotion is fired by the beauty of the prose, then my imagination joins with intellect and unravels the layers of meaning and soul baring. A pleasure to read. Thank you Diana

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  3. What a lovely invitation to visit your heart ❤ Poetic and raw, yet so welcoming. I love the scene you painted there, very vivid. Your thoughtfulness is transpiring through your words, describing your sorrow yet filtering it, neutralising it, so it doesn't cause unnecessary wounds to whomever ventures by.


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