The Infant Dawn

In this excruciating void

betwixt fading moon and

rising sun

an ebony pool

our weary souls float

crestfallen beside cockles

by phosphorescent starfish glow

too long this night


So, alight on the wings of the morning gull

a new horizon is beckoning

with shards of infant glow

unique, unseen





Inspired by yet another exquisite dawn: mother nature’s deft strokes left me in awe.

25 thoughts on “The Infant Dawn”

  1. Each dawn announces a rebirth, new life to those whose hearts and minds are willing to risk grasping it. One can’t grasp it until one says goodbye to yesterday. Thank for your post and the thoughts it stimulated in me. Ray


    1. I’m so privileged to have your ongoing support; I feel you catch every intention when I write and you inspire me into wild poetic thought frequently. Thankful ❀️

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