Green symphony

Finding rich solace

beside the moss tinged splintered bark

of the scarred Sequoia


Sit I


Under a haphazardly sprung canopy

where shy saplings shimmer sway

to an inperceptible breeze

as finned ferns



Web strands catch tunneled sunbeam

“see me, yet disturb me not” in stunning symmetry


And evening bird clamor couples with

muted wing percussion

in Shinrin-yoku delight

A rhapsody in green

opening night!

11 thoughts on “Green symphony”

  1. This poem and the picture 💚 are breathtaking. I can feel Nature all around me as I read. The sounds the colors vividly impressed upon me by your gorgeous words.
    I didn’t know about shinrin-yoku! What a lovely way to get well! Also what is is plant you captured? Is it one of those sentive types whose leaves retract when you approach it?

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    1. Thank you for joining me in this sweet green escapade 💚. No this plant was a bold, bright anonymous delight – never shirking from my attention. There is sublime comfort and beauty in nature, such a delight that you could join me 😌

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s such a pleasure to read you! I’m really touched that you have been looking into some of my older posts. But beware of the odd cob web, dear heart 😌

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