And so …

And so it is

that I have expunged all memory of you

the treadmarks of treachery

as molten rubber soul etchings

cleared with vigorous applications of rubbing alcohol

inhaled as ether

as I lay, lifeless limbed yet longing


But instead of prolonged numbing

instead of diminished feeling or disillusion

I emerge with understanding

for you ….

for you were the rusted signpost that a weary traveller might value

and you pointed me in the right direction

as your sun-warmed post burnt my hand

and the blisters stayed for too long

from spring, through a winter bleak

colder than your heart

29 thoughts on “And so …”

      1. Lol… don’t know about u but the blog has fostered confidence… I have been known to go up to random strangers and ask to take their pic.. “for my blog”…


      1. Fantastic! When you know the details please share, as I’m north of the border. But I don’t have cable, hmm – maybe it will be available online?

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  1. I am melting ! It’s like you are sitting with your phone in hand reading Diana’s masterpiece , you get swept off your feet , start feeling weightless and and.. stay there , right there until you read the last word ! πŸ€©πŸ˜πŸ’žπŸ’ͺ🏻

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