Living in fear

I’ve decided to share Sara’s poignant piece, because in it I find hope, and the ingredients for a way forward in our troubled times. Also, I shall be able to re-read it from time to time. A recipe of hope.

Zero to Phoenix

If we take the time to look at the world outside of our personal bubbles, what is it that we see? What is it we feel? What is really going on out there?

We are the most advance species on the planet, yet many of us fear going anywhere in the world these days because of the chance of never seeing the light of day again.

If I am honest with myself (touching on my previous post on leaving social media), I can see why people distract themselves with puppy filters, memes and silly polls. It is either seeing those or the scary reality that is currently happening all around the world.

I recently had to do a course on how to act if I were suddenly attacked at my place of work, with a dramatised video of people being shot dead and a group of scared civilians figuring out…

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2 thoughts on “Living in fear”

  1. “I really just can not fathom how we got to this. I do not want to be scared of walking the street and facing a potential attack.”
    ~ Such fear is a daily reality for blacks and anyone who looks like a Muslim. As a brown-skin female, I have to confront this fear when I walk the streets.


    1. I’m so disturbed to read this Rosaliene. Know that if we walked together on that street I would be grabbing your arm in solidarity. Our souls are the same and such hatred I will never, ever begin to understand.


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