Mistress Ice

She appeared to me first on a crisp winter’s eve

black veil, lace frayed and scented of forest pine

barefoot and wild eyed

distracted by amber dusk hue we both


Yet there was mischief in her step

I did not feel her fingernails grip my arm

I did not feel myself slipping


I saw her narrowing eyes squint from where I lay

“how easily you succumbed, I only meant to play”

Smashed skull, hair matted damp

I lay alone by the frosted street lamp

9 thoughts on “Mistress Ice”

  1. Exquisite personification Diana, love the female ‘mistress’ aspect which is a more apt visual than say ‘Jack Frost’ , the mistress ice angered by an intrusion into her world, ( like a kind of sub zero Bunny Boiler !)

    Liked by 1 person

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