The Word

Let us not say

the word

for once it is spoken

it cannot be





feel it

on my skin

as morse code under feathered touch

dots, stray dashes and such


hear it

in dawn sighs

and half dream whispers

that mesmerize


taste it

in a collapsed soufflé

that with excruciating attention

brought laughter to our day


smell it

as the morning scent of jasmine flower

missed by sleeping neighbours

we rejoice our private, shared hour


and see it

when our eyes meet and gently hold

in blink free wonder

that word

is told

Of clouds

Do you ever read the stories of the clouds?


The tossed veil of the tentative bride

as white wisps resting on a hill

disturbed by the temperamental groom

his brooding jealousy edging closer

with dark, Cumulonimbus gloom


Nimbostratus brings endless days of rain

oppressive, weighed down with relentless pain

the mourning widow painting the landscape with tears

shivering puddles reflecting her mighty grey

her heart torn through by contrail spears


Let your soul float as the delicate Cirrus

soaring above all others

your silken strands never diminish the strength of the sun

as your ice crystals warm and dissipate through

halycon heavens

and at sunset

you are the last one still tantalizing

the final flickering finale

in perfect pink








before you

skin undulates

peaks and troughs

rise and fall


your light explorer’s touch


a feathered frolic of fingertips

lingers by lace seam

a candle

hold it closer for blissful scrutiny



punctuated with sudden gasp





the flame to see by

invites flames to dream by

As the Sun Falls

Shall we stay on the path

wide and safe

no brambles scraping ankles

nor angly stones

with tripping intention?



take my hand

a twisted way of thorny bush

and bruise

and at times

you may think me lost

despite my confident step


But this is the way

to the cliff face

to the ledge where few come

where we may watch waves

shoulder to shoulder

arm in arm

be dazzled by turquoise shards of ocean bounced light

as the sun falls

we shall (blissfully) too

Two moons of Saturn

We are two moons of Saturn

you and I


Floated on a set trajectory

you my Titan

Bold and cloaked in ammonia veils

I your Hyperion

a porous remnant

susceptible to cosmic influence

bonded in celestial resonance


Sometimes as you pass

I hear your cryovolcanos spew

a humming firmament

beneath murky methane clouds

and you hide hydrocarbon oceans

in frigid darkness


And I am set into a chaotic rotation

a child’s broken spinning top

no magnetic poles mark my iced canyons

pitted and aged by

ancient asteroid assault


Tumbling through the abyss

you and I



For all you moon inspired, night sky gazers.

Titan Image courtesy: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute, June,9 2017 (Cassini Orbiter)

Weather Beaten

The window of my heart

opaque panes with paint flaked frame

lead lined, cold vitrified

hanging part unhinged

rust tainted

from the sea air

and  winds of despair



come close and marvel

the crack’d clefts twist light

into rainbow prism trajectory


shards set in shifted sand

nestle my scarred feet



fear not the shattered glass

for you shall wear boots

and everytime you pass

tread pellucid slivers to dust

The Infant Dawn

In this excruciating void

betwixt fading moon and

rising sun

an ebony pool

our weary souls float

crestfallen beside cockles

by phosphorescent starfish glow

too long this night


So, alight on the wings of the morning gull

a new horizon is beckoning

with shards of infant glow

unique, unseen





Inspired by yet another exquisite dawn: mother nature’s deft strokes left me in awe.