For a moment I lost track of time

is it morning, or afternoon

and are you still mine?


Are the footprints on the porch

you coming or leaving?

Are we acres of joy

or vast fields of grieving?


And who is the man in the picture

on the wobbled side table?

I’d tell you his name

if I were but able


Besides him smiles the lovely bride

I have that dress don’t I….

and posy bouquet, but dried?


Where am I again

and will I ever be

reunited with you

in full clarity….



Image is my first foray into the world of macro. Inspired by Pete Hillman and his beautiful blog (petehillmansnaturephotography). Of course, when you are focussed on the world of miniature: a type of meditation ensues and for me, words tumble. Enjoy.

16 thoughts on “Fading”

  1. A lovely poem and stunning macro, Diana! Delightful! I am so smiling, and glad to be of a source of some inspiration! And thank you πŸ™‚ I will look forward to seeing and reading more πŸ™‚


    1. Oh you are precious! Thankful for you and your comments. Those cute little flowers were daintily dangling and I couldn’t resist. About 1 block from my home in the forest 😊


    1. Hi Renee – yes I started May 23rd and am discovering such a wonderful international community… so creativite, caring and respectful. Remarkable! How long have you been here?

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      1. I have been writing on my site since 2011 and as I had to retire and sell my home two years ago due to open heart surgery, I am now writing more full time and engaging in the things I love such as art and reading. I noticed you, at middle age, as you say, are now doing more of the things you love. Good that you are. I commend you. I am nearly 65 and too many years were spent doing so much else other than what I have a passion for. Please do continue. The community of writers, photographers and so many others can be a most wonderful way of being able to engage your own creativity. So nice to meet someone new. Be well.


      2. What a wonderful and inspiring message Renee. It’s truly a pleasure to meet you and read your words. I trust you have recovered well from your surgery-a truly frightening time I’m sure. And from all sounds of it, you are doing everything right creatively to ensure her health is well tended to. Look forward to reading you!

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