Our last line

I wish I had written our last line first,

Acrid words for the ears of destiny’s cursed

Before even our first frenzied kiss

That awkward, coffee tinged joust

Of chafed lips
Before the dreams dashed

Before the hopes halted
I wish I had written our last line first



10 thoughts on “Our last line”

      1. It is interesting to look back, isn’t it? Some of it I still so relate to, some of it absolutely not!
        haha that food poisoning line made me laugh out loud. Well I am glad if you have moved on that much! 🙂

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      2. Yes, lingering is not my style. I’m acutely aware that life is short so I grieve dramatically, for a short time, then distract myself with new activities and thoughts.
        I’d probably need a therapy to discern if I’m actually over past entanglements though. Perhaps my baggage is full of (hot) air hehe!

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      3. Ooooo this is a big topic, isn’t it?
        I do love the dramatic, but short lived, grieving… that formed quite the image in my mind 😀
        I wonder about the cultures, ancient and otherwise, where professional grievers were hired at funerals to “help” the process along…

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