A new day

Yes, yes you

Frail heart Renew
Let love cradle you in sinewed hands

Warm comfort never known

You have travelled foreign lands

To find her left at home


Never to be released from her grasp


Remove all songs from the past


(Once again, another inspired photo taken on a clear night, gazing through a wine glass at the fresh spring bloom. Enjoy!)

10 thoughts on “A new day”

  1. Ok… so here’s the deal.. not only are your words soothing and beautiful like sipfuls of comfort … u go off the hook
    Creative and take pictures through wine glasses ?… hats off to u:)

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    1. You are so awesome, ya know! You’ve catapulted into my stratosphere of admiration. I’m sending you copious oxygen tanks as the air might be thin up there. Thank you!!

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  2. Thought I’d check out some of your earlier work. This I particularly like, I wondered if you’d developed your style but it seems it’s been there hidden behind the door marked ‘special talents’ til you opened it and started writing. You excel Diana in producing beautiful accessible prose with just the right amount of mystery. My whole site is based on my personal belief that all worthy creations including Art are only produced when both imagination and intellect are joined in equal measure. Every piece I read is Art of high order. Thank you for sharing.

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    1. Nigel, I adore you and your opinion. There is a part of me that is utterly humbled, quite a large part. I’ve never thought of myself capable of writing anything another person might even want to read. You give me confidence on these shaky first steps.

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      1. I feel blessed to be part of our Poet’s community and an inner circle of perfected souls such yourself Diana. I hope I don’t come across as a self styled Poetry Guru, I would hate that. I am no one worthy of preaching/teaching others, my words are merely my opinion. But every word I speak is both heart felt and utterly my true thoughts. So when I say you bring light and have a special talent you’ll know that’s what I genuinely feel.


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