The Umbrella

A frail cool breeze

Filters through the trees

As gentle as a patient lover’s kiss
Then the ominous grey

Transforms the summer’s day

The bored lover walks away
Be not as fickle as the weather

Carry an umbrella

Even when a heart is soaked through

Know tomorrow she will renew

3 thoughts on “The Umbrella”

    1. It’s so cool that you are the only person commenting on this. And your reward shall be, a nice cuppa tea some day and we shall have a chin wag 🙂 I might even have some shortbread cookies if we aren’t doing the gluten free thing at the time!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Oh the perfect reward…as much as I love coffee, when I think about having only 2 items while lost on a desert isle, one of them would have to be tea…
    A chin wag would be great…and how did you know about the gluten free thing! 🙂 …I have had quite the journey with that. I think a lot of people do, I’m guessing you have/are too?
    I have to go, but you are such a generous commenter, thank you for all of your time. 💐

    Liked by 1 person

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