11 thoughts on “Evanescent”

    1. Thanks …. must admit I had to re-read as this was so many months back. I had forgotten it. I’m grateful that you are so interested to read what feels like the old me.
      When did you start your blog?
      I’m so frantically replying to your comments that I can’t go and visit you. Well tonight that is … starting tomorrow things will change πŸ˜‰

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      1. I started mine over a year ago now, which I can hardly believe. Sept 2016. I was so shy about it. I still kind of am actually. An old friend from Colorado made a suggestion completely out of the blue in an email, that he thought I had neglected my creative side somewhat. It really surprised me. But it planted a seed. I really had no idea how much I would enjoy it.
        I always enjoy getting into the back catalogue to get to know the blogger a little, but I have had to reduce my screen time, so I don’t do it nearly as much as I would like to now. I have so enjoyed visiting yours! The honour is mine!

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      2. Well I’m so pleased your friend was the spark! And it sure did take courage to start posting!
        I remember hearing about folk that were into blogging a few years ago and wondering if it was something like stamp collecting or journaling. Either way it seemed too quirky to me.
        I didn’t realize how artful it could be, how honest or intensely personal.
        After a few months on here I began to redefine what a celebrity means to me. Yes, my favourite musicians but they are also the folk I celebrate on WP. Real people who can express their creative side with a certain je ne sais quoi , interact and encourage.

        I’m sorry to hear you have to reduce your screen time! Ive probably contributed negatively to that goal today by engaging you.
        Perhaps next time you might tell me about that, or it may be on your blog for me to uncover 😌

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      3. Thank you, I’m pleased too!
        And I agree, I didn’t realise blogging would be all of those things. Such a great surprise! I really didn’t even do it for others to read at first. I thought maybe a few friends and family. I was so amazed when people started reading it!
        It’s funny, I started thinking about the celebrity thing while in Colorado. The people I actually knew in real life seemed endlessly talented and entertaining and wonderful compared to any celebrity…I wonder about this need and craving to worship famous people…

        No, no negative contribution from you. I try to be careful how I ration it but I felt the need to spend some time to enjoy WP a little more again πŸ™‚ so thank you!

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