Consider the Sky

I have the great fortune of living in the sky, many floors high. Gazing West.

Every evening I observe an ever changing, dynamic interplay of currents that toss and tickle the layers of clouds. Celestial exhalations like God’s soft breath create unique patterns. Another beautiful sky tonight. Be mindful of nature’s exquisite elements. 

Consider the sky. 

10 thoughts on “Consider the Sky”

  1. I am loving that sky you are depicting ❤ I can spend hours starring at skies, painting stories in the clouds, or just breathing in deeply and absorbing its moods, feeling its powerful presence rush through me and reboot my whole. Gorgeous reminder of its beauty ❤

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    1. I sensed you as a kindred spirit, and now I know for certain. Isn’t it amazing how no two sunsets, or cloud bursts will ever, ever be the same! How wondrous the night sky or the deep blue on a spring day. Thankful for your evocative words ❤️

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      1. It is magical. Our world is magical, if we are willing to open our eyes to its beauty. Every single moment is unique. Pearls of time to be cherished. Evanescent, already gone as they appear, or frozen, captured in a photograph so that we can travel back in time and reminisce. Thank you for yours ❤ You have me go on thinking and contemplating with every one of your comments.

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      2. As your words linger with me, and I’ll carry them deep into the night. It crosses my mind that we are doing shifts monitoring this beautiful world of ours – so precious that one of us to be awake at all times. Sentinels at the gate observing, photographing and often speechless. I’m so gratified that you see it too – I fear many don’t. Wonderful sharing thoughts with you ❤️

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      3. I think we should gather all of these gems in our comments and just write together ❤
        Your words whisper melodious songs to my ears. "Sentinels at the gate observing, photographing and often speechless." – We have now reached a whole new layer in this discussion, as I am commenting your comment – The imagery is so gorgeous, it is rushing over me in waves. My imagination portrays giant cloud like versions of us, protective veils of light rising from our hearts, and floating over the world. Indeed we are sentinels of a soulful kind.

        Writer's crush well established. You can now drift to sleep, I'll be taking the next watch, contemplating and remaking the world as you give rest to those bustling eyes of yours ❤ Bonne nuit, mon amie!

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      4. Good morning jewelled soul.
        Another dawn, another moonscape to behold.
        Reading your comment, so much to adore in your written expression. I’m energized by the “protective veils of light” you conjure. You make me want to write and read and nourish my ravishing soul with an abundance of creation. How can we stay buried in a comment section, it’s a travesty! We owe it to ourselves to write together, of ourselves, with each other.
        So kind of you to offer your contact, words to follow on my next watch 🙂

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      5. Good morning bright D.!

        I woke up too late to bid you goodnight today. I stirred around 7:30 as usual but surrendered to the temptation of staying wrapped up in my cocoon a little longer. Lullabied by the drops of rain gently tapping on the skylight above my bed, I just travelled back out of this world for another two hours of regenerative rest. I hope Morpheus has you all cloaked in his restoring magic by now too.

        I am thrilled my words have that effect on you. I delight in reading you too. I can’t wait to exchange letters, write with you, and read your lines again when the sun rises again on your side of the world. ❤


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