12 thoughts on “Unmoored”

  1. I wonder if you had taken that “journalism job” your teacher suggested, how many accolades and prizes and awards you would have won! Every single post is so different, yet there’s a hint of an amazing wordsmith behind all of them.

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      1. It’s been a truly wonderful way to wake up, sipping my coffee and chatting to you! I hope your evening is going well! And I’m not interfering with any Word Nomad creativity!


      2. Time to relax further and edit some of your fine photographs perhaps? We have some wonderful hobbies Ritwik … life is so rich!


      3. Yes, darn life responsibilities… but we must focus on the fact that we make damn fine workers in our chosen vocations (hehe right?) when not obsessed with the finer joys of life 🙂


      4. I was just curious today to read your earlier posts…so scrolled all the way down to discover some more hidden gems!!
        Indeed my evening time went really well, reading all those poems.

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