Not this time

The child that never came

sits in the room corner of my subconscious

Soot layers of maternal inclination coat the weathered chair

Stagnant air surrounds

with barren stillness
His curled fingers clutch at bare knees

Worn dominos

from endless play lie at his feet

His calm stare has stopped asking ‘when’

My eyes once again downcast

Not this time

6 thoughts on “Not this time”

      1. Marvellous! Then it’s my solemn duty to stay awake and get to read you some more. And then some!
        May your dreams be sweet and your heart full tonight!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Haha you have no duty to me, lovely friend. You are free to read or not read. I will still be around all the same! Thanks for the lovely wishes. My heart is full alright! You played a part in that 🙂


  1. Oh my! This is heart breaking.
    I have been married for 21 years. Sometimes it has been a really hard journey. And we don’t have children. For a number of reasons.
    This past year I have thought about it more deeply than I ever have. Reading this is so timely, and somewhat cathartic. 💕
    I am sorry for your pain!


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