9 thoughts on “Noxious Nettle”

  1. Ouch! Prickled rage well expressed! Nettle like love does sting. I hear it can be nutritious too in a soup, with just the right recipe… Just like love? uh… Pondering over that now… Is it just a tale we spread so that we eat nettle, because there is nothing else to scavenge?

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    1. Yes, when it all comes down to it – if the recipe is tended to with care even a weed can provide nourishment. But why make such an effort! To risk the rash!! Shouldn’t both love, and a hearty soup be delicious from the first mouthful? I think I’m a hopeless romantic 😌
      Speaking to another…who is up very late ce soir …

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      1. Yeah, I wish it were that simple. Love is all around in people who care about you and whom you care about. It is a beautiful thing. I have build such strong bonds with my friends – worldwide.

        Romantic connections however just seem to miss me at every turn. Their workings just seem to escape me.

        I have great friends though and plenty of passion so I feel happy and busy as a bee.

        haha Head too full with words and stories often means trouble shutting it all down. So that may happen quite often.

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      2. You sound grounded, and entirely contented at this point in your life. The bonds you have forged carry so much more weight than any romantic connections that may have passed you by. Your ground is fertile for seasons of crops, why risk a random wildfire that will scorch it all 🙂 The right connection will certainly NOT pass you by.

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      3. Just wanted to wish you a good night! I’m reading an amazing email at the moment 😊 It’s taking my breath away … expect words in the morning. An abundance… sweet dreams Mademoiselle!

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