Magic Show

Shall I undo all the memories of you?

As a magician might hypnotize an audience member.

Throw a dark cloak and obscure every moment,

every falsehood uttered

Then pull my white rabbit heart from a top hat.

Yes I would volunteer to stand centre stage,

Spotlight on my pain

Be sawed into halves, or infinite pieces

However long it takes

Numbed to the teeth rasping back and forth.

(Insert audience gasp)

Just to be free of you.
When an empath encounters a narcissist, the former could well do with a magician to erase the whole miserable encounter. No rabbits were harmed during this act. 

Image courtesy of American Museum of Magic. 

7 thoughts on “Magic Show”

  1. Wow! What a number! I love the staging of the act, the ending and the gritty humour inserted in touches 🙂 Now. Serious question time: Would that be enough, erasing that person from your memories? It would provide temporary relief. You would not remember him/her then, and you could fall prey all over again to his/her tricks, or to those of another just like him/her.

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  2. Deep curtsy! ❤️ I entirely love your line of questioning here. It seems you delve deep beneath the veneer of the words, searching for answers. 😌
    Imagine if you could call on magic to remove memories of pain and rejection! That you could wake up the next day healed. Sadly, the return to such an innocent state might well invite future attentions of the unscrupulous. To have a tender heart is both a blessing and a curse … I expect you may too have experienced this.
    For me the writing of this poem managed to nicely clear away the residue of a cruel individual. I guess a lesson in a life otherwise charmed 😊

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  3. I’m very intrigued now. You’re doing it well though. It’s better to strike a balance. I might take a break but I think I’ll write a sonnet once I’m back. I think I should read some Keats again.

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  4. I really love your writing!
    And this reminded me of “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”. Did you ever see it? I don’t remember details now as it has been ages since I saw it, but they ponder the same questions…is it possible to completely erase the memory of someone, and if so, is that a good thing etc. It was intriguingly produced as the characters, who used to be lovers, go through each other’s minds’ labyrinths during the erasing process.
    It is very painful to be hurt by a narcissist. I am so glad if you have found healing! 🌸

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    1. I’m totally enjoying your comments! I really feel humbled that you are spending the time on my blog and really immersing yourself. It’s an honour!

      I don’t believe I did see that film, but I’m well … mature so sometimes my mind is less than spotless haha.
      It probably wouldn’t be desirable to erase full relationships from our minds – unless it was a temporary thing of say, six months.

      Your last sentence is heartfelt with me – how lovely of you to reach out and say that. It’s nice spending time with you today 🌹🌹


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