Of betrayal

Sometimes in sleep

Twisting in restless heat, I unfurl

The stitches separate and detritus foams

Metal filaments from the knife glistening in the dawn light

Mixed in warm crimson damp


I am only part healed

your rusted blade still sharp

This cruel sport of blood letting


my fingerprints with yours as we grasped the weapon






22 thoughts on “Of betrayal”

  1. Wait. There is no idealism or romanticism here. I’m sure you’re chuckling as you read this. I guess we all know some dark places. Strangely enough, if you read some of my earliest posts, you’ll find the romanticism. The sonnets and the blank verse.

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      1. Is it a did that asshole really reject me kinda day, or do you like being on top! 😏Kidding. Kidding. Seriously kidding πŸ™‚

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      2. Maybe I just like feigning naivety. It helped me get rid of the old Bastard who knows too much, and yet understands too little, but is too intrigued by me for his own good. I like women and I think if it comes to that, I’ll just have to settle for a cougar over some crusty Aristotle reading, not Platonically mind, Cardinal of an asshole.

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      1. Well I guess I’ll take that as a compliment 😏 I thought women notice things, but I guess girls stay girls! Kidding πŸ™‚


      1. I love to read the early pieces!
        haha thanks for the advice…but I’m assuming that means there was pain. As this piece so articulately shows! Hope you’re okay? I haven’t had time to read more yet πŸ™‚

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      2. So wonderful … and I shall be reciprocating with delight 😌
        Oh yes I’m fine…. the inevitable ups and downs in life you know…fuel inspired writing at least. And I am perhaps over sensitive 😊 But compared to many, I’m having a blessed life. There is magic and hope every step of the way. I hope your journey is similar?! 😘

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      3. Yes, those ups and downs!
        I ponder what it means to be over sensitive though? That’s a complex thing, isn’t it?
        And speaking of soul mirrors…that last line, I really love.
        There have been hard times in my journey, like most people. But yes, always hope! Everyone is broken in some way, and that is a powerful point of connection.
        I have so appreciated the points of connection on WP!!

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      4. Thankful for your engaging discourse once more πŸ’•

        I do agree and have been blown away by how strong and rapidly connections form in this world of feeling and words. Sometimes it makes some of my real world connections seem somewhat superficial… or maybe that’s not the right word (in case any of my friends read this). πŸ˜‰
        I’m just back from a vacation where I got to stay with a WP friend in France. It was a fabulous experience…we were everything we purported to be online and revelled in every real world moment. Especially the wine and cheese and late night chats!

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